Increasing Productivity and Customer Service While Reducing Risk and Liability


Unlimited users and items

You can have unlimited users and unlimited items listed for your organisation per site.

Quick search

Search quickly for lost property using keywords, categories or dates.

Auto-match lost & found items

When searching for a lost or found item your database will automatically find any matching items and with the organisation’s acceptance, the owner will be notified immediately. Thus allowing for the items to be returned quickly to the owner.

Multiple users

Add multiple users who can access your cloud-based dashboard from anywhere.

Link directly from your website

Allow customers to link directly from your website to your personal lost property dashboard. The customer is able to report a lost item to you, from the comfort of their own home, directly through your website. This will reduce the time (and hence money) spent by your employees on lost property. Employees can also file a claim directly through your dashboard.

Mobile device friendly

Use any mobile device to access your organisation’s lost property.


Take photos of your items and attach the picture to the items record, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked and that all items lost are found.

Manage customer claims

Capture and manage customer claims. Add notes and flag claims for follow-up.

Manage lost & found items

Easily add or update lost and found items. Release items to customers and collect their details.

Storage Locations documented

Track where each item is being stored, removing the ambiguity most storage methods create.

Manage the non-returned items (transmission, disposal, donation)

Set an expiration date for each item and release items that were unclaimed.

Detailed reporting

Reports can be produced quickly and easily allowing you to review statistics for example diagnose return-to-owner ratio statistics. You can also see which items are due for disposal.

Printing of documents including release forms

You are able to easily print claimed item receipts.

24/7 access

Allows customers to create listings at any time. It is available from anywhere, anytime you need it.


Auction any unclaimed items to turn your cost centre into a revenue stream.

We make it easy for you to manage lost and found property.

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