Who uses itsFOUND?

Any organisation that has a lost property register as a result of customers reporting lost items and items being found within the organisation. itsFOUND is the perfect solution for those organisations that are looking for an automated customer service solution in relation to their Lost Property Department and are wanting to streamline their entire lost and found process. Our customers include and are not limited to hotels/resorts, tourist attractions, public facilities, transportation, schools, universities, recreational facilities, shopping centres, businesses and sporting events.

Why should I use itsFOUND for my Lost and Found Department?

itsFOUND allows organisations to manage their lost and found property easily and efficiently, creating a value-added service. Providing the end user with a client orientated platform. itsFOUND will reduce the number of unclaimed items within your organisation and ultimately increase your customer satisfaction and more customers will return to your venue.

Gone are the days of manual spreadsheets, lost and found forms or templates, with this customer service solution, itsFOUND will transform your processes within your lost and found department. Ultimately you will never have to suffer with a manual, time-consuming, lost and found process again. Other benefits include and are not limited to itsFOUND is environmentally friendly, you able to perform a quick search, itsFOUND is able to auto-match lost and found items, multiple users able to use the dashboard from anywhere, link directly from your website, mobile device friendly, detailed reporting, storage locations documented, release forms, and 24/7 access. For a full and detailed listing of all itsFOUND benefits please see our FEATURES page.

Is itsFOUND just for organisations?

No, any person can use itsFOUND. While it is a business to business solution, there is also a database where all general public lost property can be stored. For example, if you lost an item on the street or at the beach, then in the search bar on the homepage you would type "public dashboard". As these places (street, beach etc) are not organisations, they would not have their own page. You would then record your information on the Public Dashboard. 

What software is required to run itsFOUND?

itsFOUND is an online solution to Lost Property. There is no lost and found program to download and install as itsFOUND is a 100% internet-based platform. The set-up is therefore quick and easy and in addition each organisation is able to customise their dashboard to suit their operation. 

Can I have a link to my itsFOUND database on my website?

Yes, itsFOUND allows your customers to link directly from your website to your organisations lost property dashboard. Your customers will be able to easily self report a lost item to you online, directly from the link on your website.

Does itsFOUND have a referral program?

Yes, if you refer another organisation, you or they, will receive a discount. If you wish to refer someone, use our "Contact Us" page to discuss the finer details of your referral with us.

Can I host itsFOUND within my network?

No, itsFOUND hosts all the data and therefore is not available for internal hosting.

Do I pay for upgrades/ new features when they are added to itsFOUND?

You get all upgrades and new features for free. As part of your plan we will update your itsFOUND database and provide you with any new features free of charge.

How many individual staff usernames and passwords can our organisation's page have?

Your organisation can create as many individual logins as it needs. On your organisation's dashboard, simply go to the "Members List" tab at the top of the page and then add a new user.

How many locations can share the one itsFOUND account?

An account cannot be shared with other locations and therefore each additional location requires a separate account. Each location (building, venue, complex or campus) will require its own account to manage the lost property within that location.

Can you help us set up our organisation's dashboard?

Yes, itsFOUND offers a "concierge" service. The website is very user friendly and we provide a support document to assist you when you sign up. We also have 24/7 email support. On top of that we can set up your dashboard for you, if you require this.

What languages are supported?

itsFOUND is in English.

What payments does itsFOUND accept?

Paypal and all credit cards through Stripe.

Does itsFOUND have a secure credit card payment processing system?

Yes, all credit card transactions are secure using the latest EV SSL technology. You will see the green URL bar with the lock when you use our site.

Can anyone see my Lost and Found Register?

Each organisation's database is password protected and therefore the register of lost and found property is confidential and not visible to customers. However, organisations can select to make the lost or found item information public, should they prefer this option.

How does a customer know that my organisation has their lost property?

A customer will report their lost property directly via the itsFOUND link on your website. Then when searching for a lost and found item itsFOUND will automatically find any matching items and with your organisations acceptance, the customer will be notified immediately via email. Thus allowing for the items to be returned to their owner in the quickest time possible.

I need itsFOUND for only a few months can I sign up for only a few months? What is the contract term? Can I cancel my contract at any time?

You can sign up for only 1 month or a year which ever suits your organisation. If you need itsFOUND for only a few months then you can choose the 1 month contract and pay on a month-to-month basis. You do not have to be locked into a long term contract.

However, if you are interested in getting a discount and itsFOUND is the solution to adding value to your lost property department then the 1 year contact might be right for you! You can choose to cancel your contract at any time with no additional fees, however no refund will be given for the remaining term of your contract.

Are the prices per user?

The prices are per location. 

What do I need to get started?

itsFOUND can be used anywhere and at any time as long as you have an internet enabled device with a web browser.

How do I report lost property on itsFOUND?

Search for the organisation where your item was lost. Do this on the homepage using the search box at the top. Sign in or sign up and then simply complete the lost property form including a detailed description of the item, if you have a photograph of the item you may upload this too, and provide your contact details. You can also search for the "General Public Dashboard" and log your information there too.

How do I report found property on itsFOUND?

Search for the organisation where you found the item. Do this on the homepage using the search box at the top. Sign in or sign up and then simply complete the found property form including a detailed description of the item, if you have a photograph of the item you may upload this too, and provide your contact details. You can also search for the "General Public Dashboard" and log your information there too.

How much does it cost to report a lost or found item on itsFOUND?

As a general public user, it is completely free to list a lost or found item on itsFOUND.

What items can I report as lost on itsFOUND?

Any lost item that is of significant or sentimental value can be listed on itsFOUND. Yes that’s right anything lost can be reported on itFOUND in order to help turn that lost item into a found item. Items could be for example lost money, lost dogs or cats, lost wallet, lost walking stick, lost keys, lost camera, lost special teddy bear, lost clothing, lost bag or lost mobile phone and the list goes on. itsFOUND does, however have the right to refuse any material that might be deemed to be inappropriate or offensive.

Once I have reported my lost property on itsFOUND, what is the process for finding it?

itsFOUND is making the process of finding lost property far easier. You can submit your lost property claim online from the comfort of your home. This report is then listed publically on our online lost property register. A detailed description including uploaded photographs of lost and found items will help in the process of efficiently and effectively matching items and returning lost items to their owner. If someone has found a registered lost item they can search our database, locate the item and click on the itsFOUND button. Once they have submitted their email address, the contact details of the lost property's owner will be emailed to them.

How long will my listing remain on itsFOUND?

Each listing will remain on itsFOUND until successfully matched with the corresponding lost or found item.

What can I do to help increase my chances of finding my item through itsFOUND?

itsFOUND takes each lost and found item report submitted online very seriously as we understand that every lost item is very important to each individual. It is essential that when filing a lost item report on itsFOUND that a detailed and accurate description is given. Try to gather as much descriptive information about the item before completing the report form and be sure to include as much identifiable details as possible to help in the matching process. Do not skip any details within the form and if you have any additional information please include this in the “additional information” section. If you have a photograph of the item you may also upload and attach the photograph to your report in order to increase your chances of finding your item. It is also important to file the report as soon as possible – within 1 week of losing your item, as this would also help to improve your chances of having your lost item found and returned.

If I don’t live close by how will I get my lost property returned?

This is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Can anyone see the lost property Public Dashboard on itsFOUND?

Yes, the Public Dashboard will be visible to the general public. If someone has found an item they will be able to complete a general search of the lost property public database in order to try and locate the rightful owner.

If I have logged a lost item on itsFOUND what information will be publically displayed?

The details of the lost item will be displayed publically. However, when filing the lost item report you can nominate which contact information you would like displayed publically either email or contact phone number or both.

Can anyone see the items reported as found on itsFOUND?

It is up to each organisation whether they display their found items publically. On the Public dashboard they will be visible. itsFOUND will automatically find any matching items and an email will be sent to the person who has logged a found item report with the potential owners email and/or phone details. Thus allowing for the items to be returned to their owner in the quickest time possible. 


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