Lost Property Software. A world-class online lost and found program.
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Improve your organisation's lost and found department:

  • Quick search
  • Auto-match lost & found items
  • Audit trail
  • Varying staff permission levels
  • Customers can self-report items
  • Auction unclaimed items
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Store item images
  • Link directly from your website
  • Detailed reporting
  • Print release forms

Proven Success

Modern and Adaptable

Modern, cloud-based, website technology that will take your organisation to the highest level of professionalism.

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Lots of modern features to improve your customers’ experience and increase repeat business to your organisation. A key to building guest loyalty is the quick return of a lost item to their owner. It benefits the organisation, the employees, and the guests that see their requests handled efficiently.

Cost Effective

Save your organisation countless hours of labour and lots of money in wages.

modern and adaptable

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Hotels/Resorts • Tourist Attractions • Public Facilities • Transportation • Schools • Universities • Recreational Facilities • Shopping Centres • Businesses • Sporting Events

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